About Us



Our goal at theHila is to bring the purist Hemp extract and provide products of the highest quality.  We create opportunities for our customers to experience a better quality of life, and overall wellness. We strive to educate the communities, provide safe products at a low cost to consumers, and giving back to others.

We provide you with a consistent supply of theHILA Hemp Oil, providing test results with each order.

theHila has various formulations infused with the perfect blend of active ingredients with a balanced concentration of Cannabidiol with all the essential Cannabinoids, various essential oils, vitamins and nutrients. We blend other powerful botanical nutrients such as coconut oil, eucalyptus extract, lavender extract, mango extract, and more!



theHila sources Hemp from only Organic farms who we have direct relations with.  Following all natural OMRI listed products in our grow so it’s coming to you 100% organic, NO PESTICIDES, and grown using sustainable practices increasing terpenes essential oil and cannabinoid production. We purify the oil using a unique system removing heavy metal as well as homogenize our oils before releasing to our consumers.

Using an extraction method first with a 2 step process, then running through a Hydrocarbon extraction, and in its final stage to remove any and all residual solvents; therefore creating a pure product. Having this 5 step process ensures the consumers that are receiving a quality, clean, effective product.

Before packaging the final product, flower, oil, and finished product are all tested throughout to ensure cannabinoid content and purity.

Testing raw oil vigorously 3 times to ensure quality of product.


(it’s impossible to “get stoned” after rubbing some infused hemp cream or oil on yourself)


theHila creams & lotions products are for topical use only, non-psychoactive and NOT for human consumption.


Please contact us for more information, to schedule a consultation, or discuss order fulfillment.